Q. Why is my order coming in separate shipments?

A. There are a few answers to that question:

1) We stock multiple warehouses in different locations. Or...

2) Some of our suppliers allow us to ship an order directly from their warehouses. This method of inventory management eliminates a costly step in the supply chain. (We are then able to pass the savings on to you.) Or...

3) At times we will ship a partial order if one of your items is out of stock. We may then choose to ship the balance of the order directly from the supplier or wait for our stock to replenish, whichever is faster.


Q. How do I return an item?

A. Please see our Shipping + Returns page.


Q. Why are your Website prices lower than your prices on Amazon and eBay?

A. Great question! There are a few answers to that question:

1) Amazon and eBay charge us a commission or referral fee on each item that we sell on their websites. So it actually costs a bit more to sell in these marketplaces. But since that's where people like to shop, we are glad to sell our parts there. And...

2) We bundle shipping costs into the price listed on Amazon and eBay. On the Website, shipping costs are calculated based on your location and added to the order at checkout. Taking these factors into consideration, the prices are typically pretty close across all selling channels. 


Q. Do have a retail location where I can pick up my part?

A. Sorry, we do not have a retail location and we aren't able to offer local pick up. Our business license only allows for 'mail order' fulfillment. We recognize that it may at times be more convenient to drive to a 'brick and mortar' location. However, this purposeful business strategy allows us to keep overhead costs low, which keeps our prices low for you the consumer.